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Bekari 16.17 was established in July 2020, with the idea to bring Asian-style cakes to Bristol. This idea was mainly inspired by a trip to Japan, where Jackie fell in love with the Japanese patisserie-style cakes she tried on her holiday in Toyko. As well as that, she always reminisce about the cakes that she'd have on her holidays back in Hong Kong and always hoped she could get the same style of cakes in Bristol. 

Jackie decided to specialize in making Birthday Cakes as birthdays have always been special in her life. You don't have to get our cakes just for birthdays though - they are for all types of occasions and celebrations! Her main aim is to help you make the occasion extra special and create happy moments for you and your loved ones.

We are the first cake shop in Bristol that offers a taste of Asia - we guarantee that our cakes are unlike the ones you have tried from other cake shops in Bristol, and are more like the ones you'd typically find from the cake shops in Asia.

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Hi everyone!

Here's a little bit about me; 
I have loved to bake since I was young. I often visited Hong Kong to visit my family, and every time I went back I would always eat the cakes from the bakeries and patisseries. The cakes there are so light and not too sweet. That is what I wanted to offer from Bekari 16.17; being able to offer a taste of home to the Asian market here in Bristol, and offering an alternative to the British-style cakes.

I started baking b
irthday cakes for my family when I was around 16, as I wanted to make their day more memorable with a homemade cake from me. It was mainly for my mum - she doesn't like Western-style cakes as she finds them way too sweet. So I tried to recreate the cakes from Hong Kong to make her birthdays extra special, and now she asks for a birthday cake every year!

You might have wondered what Bekari 16.17 means; Bekari means bakery in Japanese. Since Bekari 16.17 was inspired by my trip to Japan, I wanted to incorporate Japanese into the name. 16 and 17 are the birth dates of me and my mum - I was born the day after her birthday. My family always jokingly said that it was because I wanted to come out to eat her birthday cake since she started having contractions after she ate her cake!

I took a break from March 2022 to June 2023 as I had to give birth and look after my little one, but I am back to creating more happy moments for you and your loved ones. And I am so excited to be baking again! Hope to see some of you soon :)

With love,
Jackie x

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About Jackie
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