March 2020
The name "Bekari 16.17" was chosen

April - June 2020

Preparation for the launch - Designing the logo, creating the website, creating the recipes for our Signature Sponges, baking & decorating cakes for photoshoots and a lot of admin work!

July 2020

Launched Birthday Cakes at Bekari 16.17

September 2020 - February 2021
Brainstorm for a future new product. Several different ideas / bakes were experimented and proposed

February - March 2021

Preparation for the new product launch - Perfecting recipes, a lot of baking for photoshoots and more admin work!

April 2021

Launching Bake Boxes at Bekari 16.17

April 2021 - Present

Baking happy moments for you and your loved ones


Birthday Cakes

Our job is to make sure the birthday cake you order is perfect.


Birthdays only come once a year; you can be sad on 364 days of the year, but you have to be happy on your birthday. That's the whole point of saying "happy birthday", right? We believe everyone deserves a happy birthday, and birthdays should be filled with happy moments.


We believe birthdays are a good excuse to see our family and catch up. Always make time to see your loved ones on their birthday. Show them that you haven't forgotten. How do you do that? Order a birthday cake. Book a table for dinner. Birthday isn't always about presents, it's letting them know that you care, you remembered.


Our loved ones are the most important thing to us, so make their day extra special.

Mixed Fruit Cake
M a k e   i t   e x t r a   s p e c i a l

We believe that the message on a plaque is what makes the cake personal and extra special.

That is why all birthday cakes at Bekari 16.17 comes with a complimentary personalised plaque. You are able to include a special little message for your loved one, at no extra cost.

Have a special nickname you want to include on the plaque? Want to say something other than "Happy birthday"? That's no problem because what will be written on the plaque is decided by you.




If getting a whole cake is too much or you're wanting to get a sweet treat for yourself or someone special, then our Bake Boxes are the perfect thing to get.

Flavours include Matcha, Chocolate and Biscoff, so we have something for everyone.

Did we mention that it is available for UK Nationwide Delivery? You can now get Jackie's bakes delivered straight to your doorstep and it's definitely going to create some very happy moments...

Our Matcha, Choco & Kookie Bake Boxes are available for dispatch every week from Tuesday to Thursday.

You could also customised your own bake boxes with our Customisable Bakes Box, which goes on restock every Saturday at 12pm. However, there are very limited availability for these boxes!



 Hi everyone!

Here's a little bit about me. 
 I have always loved to bake since I was in high school. Studying Psychology at University meant less time for me to bake, but I would still go home to bake for my family's birthdays. I always thought baking a birthday cake for my family is more meaningful than buying one from the shops.

Before graduating from University, I was one of the ones who always wondered what I should do after I graduate. I quickly decided that I wanted to do something that would make both myself and other people happy. That was the time when I created Bekari 16.17. This idea developed more and more during the COVID-19 pandemic, when I had all the time during the first lockdown to turn all my ideas into plan and dreams into reality.

Bekari 16.17 is all about creating happy moments, I have always loved baking for my loved ones because it makes me so happy when I see that they enjoy my bakes. And now, I am able to create happy moments for you and your loved ones. Let's create happy moments together.

With love,
Jackie :)

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