A milestone

Hi everyone,

Today I will be talking about a milestone that I have achieved with Bekari 16.17.

While I was prepping for the business, I stumbled upon a website where they talked about a list of 'Best Options for Cake Deliveries in Bristol'. I remember at that moment I thought to myself "I hope one day Bekari 16.17 will get to be on this list".

And guess what? I am incredibly happy to say that Bekari 16.17 is now featured on that list!!

Click on the badge to go to the website and see what they have said about Bekari 16.17 :)

I am honoured and grateful for Bekari 16.17 to be added on to the list. Thank you Flower Delivery Reviews!

Here's to many more milestones :)

With love,

Jackie x


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