Bekari 16.17 Apron & Jumper!

Hi everyone! Today I just wanted to update you all with something that I ordered last week - Bekari 16.17 uniform!! Can I call it uniform? Maybe I should call it clothing? But yes! Even though I have my apron already, which my friend Evie bought for me for my birthday, I wanted one with the official logo on it. So I ordered one online alongside with a jumper. The delivery was crazily quick and the moment I saw the clothes I fell in love with them! Here's what they look like!

This one here is the jumper! I went for a simple black jumper with the logo on the top right side at the front. I love it!! It is so warm, I am so excited to wear this when I buy stock or when I film some videos!

And here is the apron!! Ahh isn't it beautiful! I chose the white apron with a big logo at the front. Although, it doesn't look like it in the photo but some of the colours for the cake is a little too dark for me. Next time I'll definitely choose lighter and more pastel colours so it matches each other better. Which item do you like the look of most? Let me know below or on IG! Cases for COVID-19 is also increasing, and I hope you all stay safe and take care. Better days are coming Love, Jackie x


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