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Hi everyone,

So today I posted a video on to IG and Facebook with a small video clip of me making Macarons for some of my orders. The shells that I made were plain chocolate shells but for the filling, I made chocolate cream and coffee cream. So I ended up making Chocolate Macarons as well as Mocha Macarons. (As an order needed chocolate flavoured Macarons and the other needed mocha flavoured Macarons)

To be honest with you - I have had a hard start with making Macarons. It was a 50% chance of success and 50% chance of failure... It was disheartening when it doesn't work out when you made the Macaron batter, piped it onto the mats, and waited all that time for it to dry up. But I never gave up and now I've turned that 50% success rate to 99%! I will definitely do a little blog post on how to perfect Macarons in the future.

But anyways, here is the video of me making Chocolate Macaron shells... (it's only a sped-up version!)

I'm currently trying to come up with other flavoured Macarons for the Macaron Cake - let me know what flavours you'd like to see for it!! I'm going to play around with colours and flavours, and I can't wait to share the results with you!!

Hope you liked the video - make sure to follow either my IG or Facebook for more baking videos! - @bekari1617

Take care & stay safe ♡


Jackie x


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