Mixed Fruit Cake | Cake with Jackie #1

Hi everyone, I've started to post videos on IG and Facebook where I make/decorate the cakes for the orders I get and I thought I would make blog posts on here where I explain a little more detail on each cake and the whole process of making them. The first post will be on Mixed Fruit Cake - this was the first cake that I ever made a video on! This cake was for a customer's dad - it was his birthday and she ordered a Mixed Fruit Cake for him. She specifically asked for the cake to have the crown design, which is something that I have done before - but I haven't yet seen other places that sell Mixed Fruit Cake doing the same design yet (not in Bristol anyway).

Typically, Mixed Fruit Cakes are jam-packed full of fruits on the top, but the crown design definitely adds a little bit of aesthetic to the cake. This cake had two layers of Signature sponge, filled with cream and mixed fruit. Coated with fresh cream and topped with strawberries, kiwi, peach, and mango.

You may think Mixed Fruit Cakes are just for the summer season, but Mixed Fruit Cakes (雜果蛋糕) are actually an all year round cake in Asia/Hong Kong. I'd say it is probably the most popular cake for birthdays, which is completely different to the UK, where a Chocolate Cake would be the most popular birthday cake.

As the cake was only a 6-inch cake, it did not take too long to assemble and decorate - maybe around 20 minutes or so. But that is me being a perfectionist... Maybe it can be done in less than 20 minutes?

I added a little bit of design on the outer part of the cake - which I have been loving recently. I've done this to a lot of my recent orders, just because it makes the cake look more stunning. What do you think? The video below is me making the Mixed Fruit Cake.

And of course, we can't forget the personalised plaque!

How else would you add to this cake? I think I'd add some almonds to the cake to add some crunchy texture, but other than that I love the simplicity of mixed fruits with fresh cream. Mixed Fruit Cakes definitely brings back memories of Hong Kong for me.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this was fun for you to watch and read. I will be sharing more of the cakes that I make so make sure to keep checking back on the blog for more!

Hope you all stay safe and take care.


Jackie x


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