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Hi everyone,

Today I am going to be sharing how the logo for Bekari 16.17 was developed and made. Some of you might be interested in how the logo was created or may wonder what other logo designs I had created before the final one was made.

Believe it or not, I actually made the logo myself - I'd say I'm a total beginner with using Photoshop but I'd say the logo turned out really well! Okay, let's get started.

At first, when I knew that I wanted 'Bekari 1617' to be the name, my friend actually drew the first few designs for me on a piece of paper. (Thanks Jane!)

From her design, I started to think of other designs that I could create - these were the first initial ideas for the logo. I think I have made at least 50 different designs... Here are some examples:

From the designs that I have made, I created a "favourites" list. I chose the designs that I really liked, and I started asking people for which one they liked most.

I really liked the logo design in the middle! And that was the favourite when I asked other people too.

You may think 'These looks nothing like the final logo', right? Here is why: My mentor told me that the logo has to be more 3D, it has to tell the audience more. He was right, the logo needed more. The ones I created didn't tell the audience anything apart from the name - was 'Bekari 1617' a company selling clothes? Phone cases? The logo needed something that would let people know that I sell cakes.

From that one conversation, I restarted the whole process; I thought of different slogans to go with my logo, different things I can add to the logo to make it three dimensional. The different slogans I thought included 'baking happy birthdays' and 'creating sweet memories'. I finally chose 'baking happy moments' as the slogan I wanted to use.

I then started playing around with Photoshop and created different designs. Here are some that I have created:

This was when I started trying to add elements of cake to the logo - strawberries, cake slices and a candle flame! This was also when the name was still '1617' instead of '16.17' so I tried to separate it so it's clear that it's two numbers instead of one.

But I still wasn't satisfied with it, I wanted more. So I looked up different bakery logos and started to get some inspiration. I decided to add on a cake to the logo, so I made one on Photoshop. From there, it was finally coming together.

The last steps were creating the final logo, choosing the font and the layout. I knew what I wanted in my head so I started to piece the logo together on Photoshop. Here were some of the ones I came up with...

I really liked the one with a rectangular border so I decided to go with that design.

Some time after creating those logos, I had decided to change the '1617' to '16.17' (Read the meaning behind Bekari 16.17 here). I then chose my favourite fonts and layout for the design I like:

I liked the layout of the first one so then I played around with the fonts.

And I have chosen my favourite font! The one at the top was what I chose to be the logo!

Although, being a perfectionist, I still gave the logo little tweaks. I removed the flame from the 'i' as I thought one flame was enough and I rearranged the layout of the logo again to make it more simple.

And this was it! The final design of the logo. I was super happy when it was finalised. This process took my nearly two whole months, but I really enjoyed the whole process (because I actually really like using Photoshop!!).

And that was how the logo was created. I hope you enjoyed reading this post on how I created the logo. Take care and I will talk to you again soon!

With love,

Jackie x


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