The meaning behind Bekari 16.17

Hey everyone,

Today I will be talking about the meaning behind Bekari 16.17 and how I got to creating this name.

First of all, thinking of a name for a business is actually quite difficult! It's not always possible to include the word(s) you'd like because it may not sound "good enough". At the start, I did think about calling my business "Jackie's Cakes" - it was a simple name but I knew that I wanted something more.. My friend helped me brain storm some name ideas, I wrote down a few words that was "key" and that I would like to include in the name.

This was a scan of the actual booklet where I had all my ideas in!

I included my favourite colour, words to do with baking and other words that have a special meaning to me. I had a mixture of English, Chinese and Japanese words. For example, "dango" means 'cake' in Chinese, "yaku" means 'to bake' in Japanese. The name ideas that I wrote down were the ones that I liked the most or I could see myself using. I soon narrowed down to two names - 'Hachi 1617' and 'Bekari 1617'. After many thoughts and considerations, I decided to go with the latter because the meaning for 'Bekari' was more appropriate (I also liked the idea of having more syllables in the name!).

Now, on to the meaning behind the name! "Bekari" means bakery in Japanese. I wanted to include a Japanese word in the name because Japanese baking is very different from Western baking; Japanese baking uses less sugar and less fat. Compared to Western cakes, Japanese cakes are much lighter and softer in texture. I want to show that Bekari 16.17 cakes are very different to the cakes you have tried in the past, it's more similar to the cakes that you can find in Japan or Asia.

Now on to the second part of the name - "16.17". 16 and 17 are birth dates - 16th is my mum's and 17th is mine. Not only that, but our birthdays are also in the same month. Our birthdays are only one day apart so we have always celebrated our birthdays together. 16 and 17 are really special dates for me so I really wanted to include it in the name. As you can see, most of the names in the ideas list included it. Originally there wasn't a dot in between, I decided to add in it as my friends often got confused with '1617' because it sounded like I have been baking birthday cakes since the year 1617 - I definitely have not been living or baking for that long!

And that was the story of how the name 'Bekari 16.17' was created. Reading this may seem like the whole process was fast and easy but in reality it took me a while to create it! Hope you enjoyed reading this short little story of how I created the name.

With love,

Jackie x

P.s. If you're wondering what 'Hachi' means - it means 'eight' in Japanese, which represents the eighth month (August) that I was born in. Together with 16.17, the name would've literally mean August 16.17 - 8 16.17.


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