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Hey everyone,

Today we are going down memory lane! I thought I'd talk about some of the cakes that I have baked in the past (with pictures!). I guess this is a real "then vs. now" post! I have been baking cakes since 2012 so I guess I have tried out many different cake recipes. I'd definitely say I have improved a lot since 2012! Luckily I took photos when I baked them so I have photos to refer back to and see my improvements. Okay, let's get started with the cakes I've made in the past...

April 2012 - First ever Chocolate Cake!

Oh gosh, I don't even remember this until I saw it in my old photos album. A very simple Chocolate Cake with white chocolate! To be honest, I don't even remember making this.

June 2012 - Cake from high school

This was one of the first cakes I have ever made. This was from activities week from high school, we would choose different activities to do for a week. I guess this one was to do with baking a cake! This was also the one and only time I used fondant icing on a cake - I guess after this I realised that I'm not a big fan of fondant icing. With the bows, pearls and heart, I think I was going for a Disney princess kind of theme for this cake? In the moment, I remember being super proud of this cake though!

August 2013 - Victoria Sponge

I remembered I used to love baking Victoria Sponge Cakes, so simple as I just need to mix the butter and sugar, add in the egg then just mix in the flour, then just sandwich it together with cream and jam. I guess this was for my birthday as it's in August!

February 2015 - Oreo Cake!

I remember this one - this was for my brother's 24th birthday. I remember breaking and crumbling the Oreos and sprinkling it on to make the '24'. It did taste good on the first day, but the Oreos went all soft on the second day and the cake wasn't the same. If you were to make a Oreo Cake I would definitely recommend finishing it on the first day!

June 2016 - Peach and Strawberry Cake

My dad is a big lover for Mixed Fruit Cakes, he's not a big fan of chocolate so whenever I bake for Father's Day and his birthday, I tend to bake Mixed Fruit Cakes. I think this was for Father's Day 2016 and I remember using a Genoise Cake recipe for this cake.

December 2016 - Peach Sunshine Cake

Again, this cake was for my dad in the same year, but for his birthday. I went for a more simple design of a sun using peach. Simple yet delicious. :)

June 2017 - Mixed Fruit Cake

As you can see from the hole in the middle, this was baked using a Chiffon Cake recipe. This was for Father's Day 2017. I remember that was the year I started to try baking Chiffon Cakes. The texture of the cakes really differs depending on the method you use when making it. This was an improvement in my cakes as Chiffon Cakes are lighter than other cakes I have made.

August 2017 - Strawberry Heart Cake

This was for my mum's birthday in 2017. I tried to make a heart using strawberries on the top. Again, you can see that this was a Chiffon Cake with the hole in the middle. This was also the last cake I made before going to University.

August 2018 - Chocolate and Strawberry Cake

This was a cake for my mum for her birthday in 2018, first year done at Uni! This was the first time I ever tempered chocolate, and also one of the first cakes that I spent half a day making. I remembered the first time I was introduced to tempered chocolate was a baking show on Netflix. The show had dessert makers making desserts and tempering chocolate was something they loved! I was intrigued and decided try it with my cakes.

August 2018 - Rosettes Cake

This was a birthday cake I made for myself - I love pink so I decided to make a pink Rosettes Cakes. I remember 2018 was the year I used a different recipe for the cake and my family LOVED it!! My mum said it's the best cake I have ever made - I was so happy because my mum is so picky with cakes so hearing that from her made me really happy.

December 2019 - Black Forest Cake

This was a cake I made for my dad for his birthday just last year. As I've always made a Mixed Fruit Cake for him, I decided to change it up a little and make him a Black Forest Cake. He really liked it as I didn't make it too chocolatey.

March 2020 - Strawberry Cake

As for this year, I have made far too many cakes to upload, so I have chosen the first cake I made this year. This was a Strawberry Cake I made for my mum for Mother's Day 2020.

There are a lot more photos from the previous years but I decided to leave them out so this post doesn't get too long. All I can say is that I am very happy with the things that I have learnt in these years, but of course, there are always room to improve! I will continue to learn and develop my skills to make better cakes to create more happy moments. Maybe in another few years time I can compare my cakes again. Thank you if you've read all the way here! Let me know what you think in the comments below :)

With love,

Jackie x


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