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Our Cakes

At Bekari 16.17 we offer two types of cakes - Fresh Cream Cakes and Buttercream Cakes. Both types of cake are made with our Asian-style Signature sponges. We believe our Signature sponge is one of the things that makes us special and why we have so many happy customers who return to order more cakes. We guarantee our cakes are unique and will create happy moments for you and your loved ones.


Our Fresh Cream Cakes are inspired by Asian-style cakes where we use chantilly cream with our Signature sponge. It's light in texture and flavour, perfect for those who are seeking a cake that's not too sweet.

You are able to customise your Fresh Cream Cakes by adding extras such as a chocolate drip, homemade brownies, and Kinder Bueno.



Our Buttercream Cakes are the newest collection added to our online store. You are able to choose the Signature sponge flavour and the cake filling. It's light in texture, with the option of choosing the sweetness for the cake.

You are able to create a Bespoke Buttercream Cake, personalised and customised specifically for you or your loved one.


Bespoke Cakes

Do you have a special cake idea in mind?
Want a customised cake for yourself or for a loved one?

Extra Special


We believe that a message on the cake is what makes the cake personal and extra special.

That is why all the cakes at Bekari 16.17 come with a complimentary personalised message on a chocolate plaque. You are able to include a special little message for your loved one, at no extra cost.

Have a special nickname you want to include? Want to say something other than "Happy birthday"? That's no problem because what will be written in the message is decided by you.



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