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Our Cookies

In January 2024 we launched NYC-style cookies - these are thick and giant cookies based on the famous cookies from New York City. Don't like a traditional cake for an occasion? Have some cookies instead - no need to cut them up and you can have several flavours at once! Perfect for the cookie lovers and those who have a sweet tooth.


Thick, giant, and gooey cookies - all weighing at least 130 grams. We hand-make all our cookies to ensure each cookie has the same amount of dough and chocolate.

We use the highest quality ingredients to ensure your cookies are baked to perfection. Always made and baked freshly to each order.

Be sure to heat up your cookies in the oven or microwave for an extra special moment!


Bespoke Cookie Orders

Do you have a special cookie flavour in mind?
Want a big batch of cookies for an event or celebration?

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