Birthday Cakes

Can I know a little bit more about delivery?

We charge a small delivery fee to provide the extra service that you may need. We deliver to the following post code areas: BS1 BS2 BS3 BS4 BS5 BS6 BS7 BS8 BS9 BS10 BS11 BS13 BS14 BS15 BS16 BS30 BS34 BS41 We are currently arranging delivery to the rest of the areas in Bristol. If your postcode isn't on the list and you'd like to order a cake then give us a message and we will see what we can do to accomodate you.

Are there any extra charges?

Unless you want to add on any extra toppings or layers, there are no extra charges. The price you pay includes the service charge - no matter when you are ordering for, you will be charged for the same. We don't charge for a "express service" fee for when you're ordering for the next working day. We are happy you remembered to order a cake for your loved one and don't want you paying extra just because it's a last minute order.

What allergens are in the cake?

All our cakes contains Wheat, Milk, Eggs and Soya. If you have chosen to have Macarons on your cake then it will also contain Nuts (Almonds). Our cakes are made in an environment where Nuts, Peanuts, Sesame and Cereals containing Gluten may be present. We take all the necessary steps to ensure cross contamination does not happen, however, there is always a risk that one of our products has come into contact with another product. Please inform us if you have any allergies when ordering.

How sweet is the cake?

We are unable to tell you the exact sweetness of our cakes as the sweetness in each cake varies. We would say our Strawberry Cake is the least sweet out of the cakes we offer. You are able to choose the sweetness of your cake when you are placing the order, however, we would recommend you choosing the "recommended level" if you are ordering for the first time.

How many people can your cakes serve?

Our standard 6" cakes can serve 6 to 8 people. Our 6" tall cakes can serve up to 14 people. Our 8" standard cakes can serve up to 24 people.

What kind of icing is used?

All our cakes uses fresh whipped cream. We do not offer buttercream or fondant icing cakes.

Can I personalise my cake?

Yes, you are also able to personalise the cake by asking for specific shaped macarons or a specific design for the cake. We are only able to personalise your cake fully if you pre-order (giving us at least two days notice). Please give us a message if you are looking to personalise a cake.

How fresh is the cake?

All our cakes are made to order and are made freshly on the same day as delivery / collection. Never one-day-old. Never frozen.

How should I store the cake?

Please follow instructions on your Cake Care card attached to the cake box.

How long can the cake last?

Bekari 16.17 cakes are best served on the day of delivery / collection to enjoy them at their best. If stored correctly, the cake can last up to 3 days.

What size are the cakes?

Bekari 16.17 only offer 6" and 8" cakes as we believe less is more. Having a larger sized cake means it will either go in the bin or in the freezer, and we want to avoid that. A smaller cake means it could easily be finished within a couple of days and the cake will be fresh when you consume it. We don't want you having cake that has been frozen, or throwing it away! You are able to choose from our standard size or tall size.

What flavour sponges do you do?

The flavour sponges we offer are our Signature sponge and Signature Chocolate sponge. Our Signature sponge is a light, fluffy, white sponge cake.

Are your cakes suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, all of our cakes are vegetarian-friendly.

Can I collect my cake?

Yes, you are welcome to collect the cake yourself. Collection information is available at checkout. However, collection is only available from from 10AM to 6PM. We recommend coming to collect the cake with another person to ensure the cake is secured during the trip back home. Never place the cake on a car seat as the seat is unstable and may cause damage to the cake.
Please note that Bekari 16.17 are not responsible for the cakes after it has been collected.

Do you do cakes for other occasions?

At Bekari 16.17, we focus on "birthday cakes" because birthdays are a special occasion for us and so, it should be filled with happy moments. But you are welcome to order a cake for any other occasion that you want to celebrate!